D.I.M. kontakt: Under The Russian Stars    
06-70-250-7816 Szveg: VARGA KOVCS Roland  
dim@dim-music.com (2002)  

Fly there!
Where the birds have toneful sound...
Flee there!
Out of the dark...
Sneak there!
Where all nature is untouched...
I'll show you
The land of ice

I'd like to come with you to wonderful silent
I want to break out of daily life
I'd like to run with a herds of deer and
To float through the sky
Deep In my Mind

The snow is falling on the ground
White scenery's breathing calm
Endless time and endless quiet
Feeling under the Russian stars
Take a bite out of the air…!

Clear Land
Where the ice annoyes the sky
And we can't
View in blizzard
Sneak there!
Where all nature is untouched
We'll show you
The land of ice

Under The Russian Stars
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All The Things You Are
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The Power's Not Enough
Central Asia
  Trap Of Pain
Station: BERLIN (Wilkommen im Berlin)
Eyes Wide Open
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